Höschl C., Fialová L.: EPA guidance paper on conficts of interest. 21st European Congress of Psychiatry, Nice, France 6-9 April 2013

7. 4. 2013

The presentation will bring follow-up of EPA initiative on Guidance on Conflicts of Interest (CoI) results of which were presented at 19th and 20th European Psychiatric Congresses and published in extenso in European Psychiatry (2012). Guidance paper focuses on situations in which primary interest (well-being of patients, independence of medical education, and objectivity of medical research) might be influenced and compromised by secondary interests, such as financial interests, recognition and professional career advancement. CoI might arise in clinical practice, research, and education, and might include not only individuals but also institutions. The purpose of EPA guidance paper on CoI is to contribute to CoI policy in psychiatry on the European level and therefore to the integrity of the psychiatric profession, to protection of the interests of our patients, and to public trust in our discipline.
Höschl C, Fialová L. European Psychiatric Association guidance on the conflicts of interest. European Psychiatry 27 (2012) 142–146.