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Höschl C, Praško J. Using multimedial tools, role playing and video feedback in the training of case management. XIV. World Congress of psychiatry, 20-25, September, 2008, Prague, Czech Republic. Česká a Slovenská Psychiatrie, 104; 2008, S2:1443.

25. 9. 2008

POSTERS – Miscellaneous
1. Prague Psychiatric Centre, Czech Republic
2. 3rd Medical faculty of Charles University, Czech Republic
3. Centre of Neuropsychiatric Studies, Czech Republic
1. Cyril Höschl1,2,3
2. Jan Prasko1,2,3
The interview is the principal means of assessment and case management
in clinical psychiatry. Psychiatric interview differ form other
medical interviews in the wide range of biological and psychosocial
data which they must take into account, and in their attention to
the emotional reaction of the patient and the process of interaction
between patient and interviewer. The therapist-patient relationship
developed during the assessment and evaluation of the patient.
Methods: To improve the practical skills in clinical management
with patient we use follow steps in training with the students:
1) video presentation of the typical case of disorder (e.g. posttraumatic
stress disorder)
2) short description of the psychopathology, diagnosis, etiopatogenesis
a and treatment strategies
3) video presentation of first contact with the patient, assessment,
evaluation and psychoeducation, eventually treatment strategies
(e.g. exposure in imagination)
4) analysis of the main steps of the video presentation with emphasis
to the structure of the interview, open questioning, empatetic listening
and positive forcening or the patient
5) modeling or the approach with the group of students (leader plays
a role of the patient and the participants practice the approach)
6) role playing in small groups of three students with video-monitoring
their work
7) video-feedback and discussion of the advantages and disadvantages
of the work of monitored group
Results: The students like these approach and evaluated it very high
in the every year school training evaluation.
Conclusion: The using multimedia tools, role playing and video
feedback can help developed practical skills of the students more,
than classical approach of training.