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Eleni Tsiolka

11. 4. 2006

Dear Professor,
I would like to thank you for the excellent presentation you have given. Unfortunately, although as you know until the last moments I had the
responsibility of the communication and the 'office' part of the preparation of this Videoconference, an urgent issue kept me in the office and I was unable to go to the Psychiatric Hospital of Athens and attend the V/C. Anyway, I can deliver you the feedback from our colleagues,which was really enthusiastic about your speech. There was big participation of psychiatrists, especially in Athens, where psychiatrists came also from the other big Public Psychiatric Hospital ('Dromokaition')that is close enough to the Hospital where the V/C took place,and in Thessaloniki as well.
In total,over 100-110 Psychiatrists attended the V/C and they found the level and the quality of your Presentation really highly interesting and informative on very recent scientific evolutions, your presence really nice and fascinating and a number among them were seeking for more information on some of the issues presented. I want to express to you ,on behalf of my colleagues as well, our sincere thanks for the excellent quality from every aspect of our
collaboration. We are looking forward to a next collaboration with you (possibly with your physical presence this time). Please receive my kindest regards,
Elena Tsiolka