Höschl C.:, Perugi G., Akdeniz F., Vasquez G.H., Milev R.V.: Specific Issues in patients with bipolar disorder. XIV. World Congress of psychiatry, 20-25, September, 2008, Prague, Czech Republic. Česká a Slovenská Psychiatrie, 104; 2008, S2:374.

25. 9. 2008

1. Charles University, Psychiatry, Prague, Czech Republic
2. University of Pisa, Psychiatry, Pisa, Italy
3. Ege University School of Medicine, Psychiatry, Izmir, Turkey
4. University of Palermo, Neuroscience, Buenos Aires, Argentina
5. Queen‘s University, Psychiatry, Kingston, Canada
1. Cyril Hoschl1, Dr., MD
2. Giulio Perugi2, Dr., MD
3. Fisun Akdeniz3, Dr., MD
4. Gustavo Hector Vazquez4, Dr., MD
5. Roumen V. Milev5, Dr., MD, milevr@providencecare.ca
This symposium brings five presentations dealing with some more
specific issues in Bipolar Disorder patients. It examines some conceptual
issues in defining the diagnoses of Bipolar Disorder and
Schizophrenia and their overlap in the light of the newest research
approaches, continues with a focus on comorbidities and their role
in the outcome of juvenile bipolar patients. Another presentation focuses
on the effects of the reproductive cycle on the course of Bipolar
Disorder. The possible use of the affective temperaments as a potential
endophenotype for bipolar disorders is dealt next. Last but not
least some new data in the research of stigmatizing and discrimination
against Bipolar Disorder patients is presented. Speakers from 5
different countries and three continents bring different perspectives
and form the base for discussion of many specific issues in Bipolar
Disorders patients.