Steven L. Dubovsky, professor of psychiatry, Denver, Colorado

1. 6. 1990

"Dr.Höschl is an internationally recognized expert in biological psychiatry. The focus of his research has been endocrinological aspects of mood disorders, particularly alterations in thyroid, adrenal and calcium dynamics in these disorders. His publications and international presentations, which have been received with great enthusiasm demonstrate a clearly original program of investigation.

Dr.Höschl is widely recognized as one of the world's innovators in the use of calcium antagonists in psychiatry. He has also made major contributions to the development of diagnostic tests for depression. Dr.Höschl therefore has established himself not only as a major investigator of basic questions in psychiatry, but also a contributor to the clinical practice of his field. All of his work is widely respected throughout the world.

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to observe Dr.Höschl's teaching in a number of international meetings. He is precise, accurate, well-organized, charismatic and easy to listen to. Most impressive, he is more capable lecturing in a foreign language than are most professors in their own tongue! Dr.Höschl is such an engaging and knowledgeable speaker that any student would benefit from his teaching.

Dr.Höschl is most remarkable in his leadership not only in his specific field of academic interest but also within his university. At the same time, his colleagues at home have recognized his contributions and expertise in appointing him not only as Chairman of the Department of Psychiatry, but as Dean of Faculty at the 3rdSchool of Medicine. This is most impressive in the United States, where Charles University is known as one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the world. Finally, Dr.Höschl is a fine person with a friendly, honest and confidence-inspiring manner."